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Minimalist Door

Product introduction:

On the back of self-developed technologies, the doors are designed to have no frame, no handle, no B pillar and no belt line, which improves driving and riding experiences.

Technical highlights:

Integrated flexible storage space

Integrated smart induction door locks

A new sealing structure that helps hidden inside and outside belt lines

Detachable outside door panels that can be customized

Extreme simplicity in appearance

Attractive appearance that enhances customer experience

Multiple Materials Composite CCB(Cross Car Beam)

Product introduction:

Steel-plastic integrated insert injection process, steel-plastic encapsulated bite connection, steel main beam, surface knurling or groove pretreatment, etc. to increase the encapsulating force between plastic and main beam.

Technical highlights:

The main girder is made of high-strength steel, with variable cross-section and Ji-shaped opening, which meets the requirements for rigidity and strength.

Center console mounting bracket /VCU bracket/left and right end mounting brackets are made of composite materials (PA6+GF60)

The left/right lower connecting brackets are formed by stamping DC series steel plates

One-piece injection molding, lightweight and with improved performance, meets the space and process requirements

Intelligent Dimmable Skylight Glass

Product introduction:

The product adopts the composite structure of “glass + dimming film + glass”. Compared with the existing ordinary laminated skylight glass, it addresses users' pain point that the traditional skylight glass is not insulated, and therefore improves the customer's perception.

Technical highlights:

Meeting the needs for shading and dimming of skylight glass

Able to insulate heat and protect privacy

The function of increasing the background atmosphere can be added

The function of temperature adjustment can be added

Large Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

Product introduction:

The aluminum alloy die casting formed by die casting in one piece replaces multiple stamped and welded parts on the body and chassis, which simplifies the process and reduces the comprehensive cost.

Technical highlights:

Light weight: Obviously reducing the weight of a single piece by 30%-50%

Integration: Integrating multiple pieces into one die casting

High rigidity: Significantly improved local rigidity

High precision: CT4-CT5 level

Freedom structure: Enabling the production of complex thin-walled parts