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HR Philosophy

People First, Career Opportunities, Common Development.

Amid great changes in a century for the automotive industry, “change” is the perpetual theme while “people” is the source of value creation. Echoing the “14th Five-Year Development Strategy” of BAIC Group, BHAP actively meets the requirements for high-quality development. To accelerate the transformation towards an enterprise offering high-grade, high-precision and advanced products, BHAP keeps innovating its HR management system. A high-caliber, professional and internationalized staff team is the powerful force for corporate reform! We aim to foster a work atmosphere featuring the desire to make a difference and the resolve to get things done. We encourage a stringent, practical and fast work style. BHAP is a career platform for you to exert strengths and realize ambitions!

Welcome to BHAP! Let’s work together to respond to changes and shape a better future!