Compliance & Risk Control

Law-abiding, Virtuous, Knowledgeable, Dedicated

System Construction

The Compliance Committee under the Board of Directors of BHAP is responsible for coordinating the four functions of law, compliance, internal control and risk management. It has launched a “Four-in-One” working model and established a “Three Lines of Defense” risk control system involving business units, legal and compliance management institutions, audit and discipline inspection departments. Furthermore, a compliance joint conference mechanism has been implemented. All of the aforementioned provide organizational guarantee for lawful and compliant operations of the company.

Institutional System

Systems for legal affairs, legal disputes, authorization management, contract management, compliance management, internal control and risk management have been formulated and improved. By means of internal control, management requirements and work standards related to the four functions have been integrated into key business processes such as investment, procurement, technology R&D, engineering construction, asset disposal and financial management.

Operating Mechanism

We implement closed-loop management of risk assessment, risk warning, internal control self-assessment, compliance inspection, risk response, problem rectification and accountability. We are committed to strengthening risk control over major business matters, legal support for major projects, management of legal disputes, contract management, system review, process construction and compliance management.

Cultural Development

Compliance culture is the premise for enterprises to achieve steady development. BHAP strives to build a brand of compliance culture that stresses "Credibility, Discipline, Probity and Reputation". Guided by the "Compliance Manual", through regular training, knowledge contest, visual communication and institutional preaching, as well as regular publications such as "New Regulations Monthly" and "Case-based Special Issue", we strive to strengthen the awareness of compliance and continuously cultivate a compliance culture.