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Opening a New Chapter of Transformation and Creating a Splendid Future with Great Determination | BHAP Held a Global Development Training Camp Program for Top- and Mid-level Management Talents

08月09日 2020

      On August 9, BHAP held a global development training camp program for its top- and mid-level management talents. The participants included members of the corporate leadership team, general managers and vice general managers of different departments of the headquarters, and representatives from member enterprises based in Beijing.


      A training session called “Changing for You – Cross-culture Communication” was conducted during this camp, focusing on education on corporate governance, cultural integration, global management improvement, and team building in a multinational. Through heated interactions and in-depth discussions, BHAP managers were able to comprehend cross-culture management more profoundly, gaining more knowledge and experience in this field.

      In his training mobilization, Cai Enyu, Vice Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of Trade Union,  stressed the urgent need of BHAP to concentrate on globalization, innovation, and transformation. This global development training camp program for top- and mid-level management talents was elaborately designed to boost global operation capabilities, team cohesion, and practical skills of such management staff in the dimensions of multinational governance and operation and cross-culture communication and practice. It was also intended to speed up talent and team transformation.


      BHAP President Chen Bao summed up the training. Pointing out the critical role of cross-culture management for BHAP’s global operation and inter-enterprise exchanges, he expected top- and mid-level managers to closely follow the global development directions of BHAP, to bring their functions as “key minorities” and backbone leaders into full play, and to be committed to conclusion of the thirteenth five-year period and strategic transformation in the fourteenth five-year period with a stronger sense of devotion and responsibility.

      In the group cohesiveness activity in the afternoon, the top- and mid-level managers of BHAP were divided into six teams racing in a dragon boat competition. With water splashing on the river, drums banging, and rhythmic slogans resounding, the team members shared great moments of teamwork and coordination, and the hot scene atmosphere reached a climax.

      Cai Suping, Standing Member of BAIC Party Committee, VP of BAIC Group, Secretary of BHAP Party Committee, and Chairman of BHAP, delivered a conclusive speech. According to him, this training camp represented a lively practice of “talent & team transformation”. Besides improving cross-culture management capabilities, this event was very conducive to implementation of globalization strategy of the company, and demonstrated the high spirits of the staff. In addition to the joy felt during the camp, the staff members improved cohesion, attachment to the company, and their professional abilities.

      Cai Suping drew the attention of BHAP top- and mid-level managers to “five major transformations”, requiring them to follow the strategic position, direction, and targets of the company, and to engage in general tactic planning and step-by-step implementation.  The managers should reinforce their capabilities in terms of global expansion, management, and control, global target planning and accomplishment, market demand driver evaluation and creation, independent R&D, product and brand differentiation, core product & technology development, and resource integration & sharing.


      Cai Suping required BHAP top- and mid-level managers to develop more enterprising, professional, and team spirit. By putting more passion, energy, and desire for success into their work, they will jointly accelerate the historical transformations of BHAP, and constantly struggle towards the goal of building BHAP into a provider of systematic automotive part solutions with global influence!