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BHAP held 2021 mid-year operation meeting

07月30日 2021

On July 30, BHAP held 2021 mid-year operation meeting to summarize and review operation work in the first half of the year, build further cohesion and confidence among all leaders and employees, and mobilize the whole staff to accomplish annual operation targets and various key tasks by devoting every effort.

President Li Jingang summed up the operations of BHAP in the past half year, and made arrangements for those in the second half of the year. The representatives of Bohai Automotive, Inalfa, BHAP Beijing Branch, and Beijing Gear gave speeches during the meeting, sharing their thoughts and measures for achieving high-quality development. Chairman Xie Wei thoroughly conveyed and interpreted the spirits of the mid-year operation meeting of BAIC Group. He stated that every employee should accurately understand the reform directions and key strategies of the group, and also raised expectations and requirements for reforms and next-stage tasks of BHAP.

The progress made by different member enterprises was reviewed one by one in terms of accomplishment of half-year targets and current operation conditions. While achievements were praised, well-targeted deployments were made for existing problems. It was pointed out during the meeting that BHAP will focus on the “1+16+10” goals in the second half of the year, aiming to achieve all annual operation targets and complete all key tasks smoothly.

It was also stressed in the meeting that BHAP will view high-quality development and transformation towards advanced, precision, and high-grade products as the core tasks in the fourteenth five-year period. More competent teams will be built in line with stricter, more practical , and more responsive standards. High-speed and high-quality growth will be realized through steady scale expansion, continuous quality improvement, and constant structural optimization.

The meeting was participated by members of BHAP party committee and administration staff, vice directors and higher-level leaders of BHAP headquarters, and representatives from member enterprises in person. Other members of the headquarters and all dispatched personnel members participated in the meeting in different sites by means of videoconferencing.