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Inalfa Won Best Cost Award from SAIC-GM

04月21日 2021

Recently, SAIC-GM held the 23rd supplier conference with themes of “tapping potential, reducing cost, improving quality, and seeking innovation” at Yantai. During this event, SAIC-GM honored its suppliers, and Inalfa China won Best Cost Award.


Starting from 2006 when Inalfa became a business partner of SAIC-GM, it has closely followed customer needs, achieved optimization of industrial layouts in Changchun, Beijing, Yantai, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Guangzhou, and provided supporting services for large roofs of SAIC-GM models such as GL8, new Lacrosse, and Cadillac.


By keeping pace with customer demand, Inalfa China has improved its supply chain, intelligent production & manufacturing management, VAVE, and localization of key parts, thereby granting strong support to customers in their development. Inalfa has made active effort in meeting the challenges arising from the pandemic in foreign countries. Localization of key parts has been completed efficiently. An intelligent management system was brought on line successfully, and enables smart and accurate management of quality, spare parts, and equipment. On this basis, the company is able to guarantee stable customer supply permanently, thus winning wide recognition and praise among customers.

As a leader in global vehicle roof system, Inalfa always puts consumer experiences and satisfaction at the center of its business. Through concrete measures such as active optimization of product portfolios, reinforced R&D of future-oriented technologies, and continued improvement of business footprint, Inalfa constantly offers high-quality roof products and services, and is always committed to exceeding customer expectations.