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BHAP Received an AAA Corporate Credit Rating from a Domestic Agency

04月06日 2021

Under the wise leadership of party committees and boards of BAIC Group and BHAP, and through constant struggle of management teams and the whole staff, BHAP has maintained a sustainable, healthy, and rapid development trajectory, winning wide recognition and praise from different sectors. Recently, following comprehensive analysis and evaluation conducted by Golden Credit Rating on BHAP in terms of financial strength, operation capability, market potential, customer relation, talent team, and independent R&D operation for half a year, an AAA corporate credit rating was assigned with a stable outlook.

AAA represents the highest level of rating, indicating adequate solvency, strong resistance to unfavorable economic conditions, and low default risk of an enterprise. The AAA credit rating received by BHAP reflects the recognition of its overall strength, reputation, and outlook by authoritative rating agencies and the capital market. This will facilitate BHAP’s further business moves including establishing diverse financing channels, improving financing efficiency, and lowering financing costs, thus propelling development of its core business.

Make every car and each trip enjoyable! By focusing on key automotive part products and technologies, BHAP will make its best effort in close collaboration and coordinated innovation with automobile OEM customers and industrial chain partners. BHAP will march steadily towards the vision of becoming a systematized automotive core parts solution provider with global influence.