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BHAP Won Innovation Leader Enterprise Award at 2020 (Thirteenth) International Automotive Congress

12月03日 2020

On December 2, 2020 (Thirteenth) International Automotive Congress was officially held. BHAP won Innovation Leader Enterprise Award, and the new lightweight integrated battery box and adaptive driving beam system developed independently by BHAP won Automotive Technical Innovation Award.


International Automotive Congress is hosted by Vogel Automotive Media Group, Institute for Automotive Engineering(ika) RWTH Aachen University, China National Machinery Industry International, Messe Frankfurt(Shanghai). This event has advanced exchanges of global leading automotive technologies and greatly supported the rapidly growing Chinese automobile industry.

The new lightweight integrated battery box adopts an innovative integrated water-cooled bottom plate design. Use of a hot melt drilling process and new high-strength aluminum alloy material leads to higher spatial utilization rate and more significant weight reduction. Compared with the conventional 6 series aluminum alloy, the cost is equivalent, the strength is increased by 40%. The adaptive driving beam system is based on independent control for different pixels. Thanks to accurate control of illuminated areas and intelligent lightness adjustment, lighting is provided in a safer and more comfortable way.

For BHAP, the honors received at International Automotive Congress are both approval and impetus. BHAP will fulfill its missions with better services, and provide OEM customers with high-grade components and innovative services. BHAP will make every car and each trip enjoyable with top rate products and technologies, and struggle to become a systematized automotive core parts solution provider with global influence!