We are accelerating five major transformations of product, market, partner, talent & team, and business model. We are building five business blocks and ten major systems, and assuming our industrial missions.

BHAP and Tenneco Held a High-level Strategic Development Communication Meeting

11月16日 2020

On November 13, Cai Suping, Standing Member of BAIC Party Committee, VP of BAIC Group, Secretary of BHAP Party Committee, and Chairman of BHAP, and Chen Bao, BHAP President, met with a visiting team of Tenneco led by its Global EVP and Clean Air Global President Guo Peng.


BHAP and Tenneco looked back at the years of fruitful cooperation. While affirming the development progress of the joint venture, the parties talked about the great vision of win-win cooperation, and discussed how to further advance high-quality growth of the joint venture through “five major transformations” in terms of product, market, partner, talent & team, and business model.

Chen Bao extended a welcome to Guo Peng and other members of the team. He described the operation results of BHAP in the first three quarters of 2020 to the guests, and thanked Tenneco for its tremendous support to BHAP’s pandemic control, customer supply, and performance improvement. He also gave an account of development concepts and major measures of BHAP in further product development, global market expansion, resource integration, and coordinated innovation.

Guo Peng set a high value on the good cooperation between BHAP and Tenneco for years, and appreciated the strategic business deployments of BHAP. He also introduced the products, business conditions, and future blueprint of Tenneco. According to him, Tenneco is ready to work closely with BHAP strategically to create strong growth momentum, bring cooperation to a new level, and make bigger and better achievements.

Cai Suping commented favorably on the mutual trust and sincere cooperation between BHAP and Tenneco for long, and expected further and deeper collaboration. Cai Suping stated that against the general background of transformation and reform of automobile industry, BHAP is quickening the pace of “five major transformations”, aiming to build resource integration and sharing platforms for automobiles and automotive parts with global influence. While successfully concluding the final stage of the thirteenth five-year period, BHAP is struggling towards the targets of the fourteenth five-year period. He expected both parties to seize development opportunities, build on the foundation for industrial chain cooperation, expand cooperation range to seek continued and deeper capital and market collaboration, and co-create a splendid future of win-win development.


The meeting was attended by Chen Geng, BHAP VP, Zhang Haibo, GM of BHAP Finance Management and Chairman of Tenneco (Beijing) Emission System, Zhou Xiao, Tenneco Clean Air China GM, Sha Qiongjing, Tenneco Clean Air Asia Pacific Strategic Director, Qi Lin, GM of Tenneco (Beijing) Emission System, and Chen Chao, Vice GM of Tenneco (Beijing) Emission System.