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BHAP Held a Top Management Meeting With Daimler AG: Moving Together in a Changing Era

11月11日 2020

On November 10, BHAP and Daimler AG held a top management meeting in Beijing. Mr. Cai Suping, Standing Member of BAIC Party Committee, VP of BAIC Group, Secretary of BHAP Party Committee, and Chairman of BHAP, attended the meeting. Daimler executives present included Dr. Gunnar Guethenke, Vice President Procurement & Supplier Quality Mercedes-Benz Cars,  Mr. Marcus Grund, Executive Vice President of Daimler Greater China Procurement and Supplier Quality Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mrs. Wang Wei, Director of PSQ Chassis & Powertrain Aftersales & Capacity Managing, Mr. Li Boxin, Director of PSQ NEV, E/E & Interior Components Manager, and Mr. Danijel Kruslin, Director of PSQ BIW & Exterior Localization Manager. Other participants included Mu Wen, BBAC P&S EVP, Song Zuan, BBAC P&S I GM, Wang Bing, BBAC P&S II GM, Chen Qing, BBAC Senior Manager of Exterior, Purchasing and Supplier Management II, BHAP President Chen Bao, BHAP VP Xie Wanjun, BHAP VP Chen Geng, BHAP CTO Chen Weigang, BHAP Market Development GM Ma Lei, BHAP Market Development Senior Manager Li Na, and other leaders and managers from Daimler Global, Daimler Greater China, BBAC, and BHAP.


During the meeting, the favorable cooperation between the parties in the fields of work and production resumption, customer supply, and coordinated innovation as well as fruitful results were summarized. Communication was made on how to optimize global strategic deployments, speed up future business development, deepen global chain coordination in products, technologies, and markets, and achieve win-win development at deeper levels.


During the communication, Dr. Gunnar Guethenke highly appreciated the efforts made by BHAP to create synergies between the government, shareholders, and industrial chain partners, tackle the challenges due to the pandemic, and support BBAC's business and production capacity improvement through stable supplies of automotive parts. He expressed great expectation for continued and deeper win-win development of both parties. He also stated that Daimler Mercedes-Benz AG is speeding up transformation and upgrading by closely following new trends in China and global markets, and expected BHAP and Daimler Mercedes-Benz AG to reinforce concerted innovation, improve their product, cost, and service capabilities, and make greater progress in w-win development.


Chairman Cai Suping mentioned that BHAP will keep up with the development and strategic deployments of Daimler Mercedes-Benz AG, accelerate five major transformations in terms of product, market, partner, talent & team, and business model, and strengthen service capabilities throughout the global supply chain. BHAP will continue to expand scope of cooperation in Chinese and global markets, deepen resource sharing and coordinated innovation, and endeavor together with Daimler to create a new chapter of cooperation.


After the meeting, the participating leaders took photos together.


Make every car and each trip enjoyable! BHAP will keep fulfilling its missions with higher-quality services, pursue coordinated innovation more prospectively, and march into the future with a more open stance. It will stick to the directions of high-end products and globalization, and try to win wider customer support and recognition by providing automobile OEMs with top-rate components and innovative services. BHAP will strive towards the vision of becoming a systematized automotive core parts solution provider with global influence.