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BHAP Attended 2020 C-V2X Cross-Industry & Large-scale Pilot Plugfest for Intelligent Connected Vehicles

11月03日 2020

October 27th to 29th, BHAP attended 2020 C-V2X Cross-Industry & Large-scale Pilot Plugfest for Intelligent Connected Vehicles. The intelligent central gateway of BHAP on board BEIJING-X7 completed tests in 17 scenarios and road segments with outstanding performance, including those concerning forward collision alarm, intersection passage, alarm for running red light, road danger warning, and warning for presence of vulnerable road users. During this event, BHAP fully demonstrated its outcomes of accelerated product transformation and technical strength in the field of intelligent connected vehicles, winning broad recognition and praise.


V2X (Vehicle to Everything) serves as a mode of information exchange between vehicles and external world. It covers communication between a vehicle with other vehicles, passengers, road infrastructure, and clouds. In China, C-V2X is listed as one of the key paths for developing intelligent connected vehicles in compliance national standards. Guided by Ministry of Information and Information Technology, and jointly undertaken by 11 organizations including Society of Automotive Engineers of China, this event witnessed a profound exhibition and tests of C-V2x applications covering varied chip modules, terminals, vehicles, and safety platforms. Besides BHAP, more than 120 terminal enterprises, vehicle OEMs, chip module developers, map developers, and positioning service providers were invited to this event. 


The intelligent central gateway presented by BHAP features an innovative integration design in support of 100M and Gigabit onboard Ethernet. Having incorporated TBOX, 5G V2X, and other functions, it combines a complete range of information and functional safety design elements on software, hardware, and system levels, and enables vehicles to serve as a real carrier of mobile terminals. In recent years, in its efforts to advance product transformation, BHAP has reinforced construction of core business chains in the domain of intelligence, developed more future-oriented technologies, and made rapid progress in building independent innovation capabilities. Through close collaboration between the two levels of R&D teams at BHAP technical center and member enterprises, BHAP has made breakthroughs in core vehicle electronic and electrical parts, and won fixed projects from major domestic customers.

Facing a wave of changes that humans have never experienced in the past century, BHAP is prepared to embrace the opportunities arising from new technical revolutions and industrial reforms. BHAP will focus on key component and product technologies, and work closely with vehicle OEM customers and industrial chain partners for coordinated innovation. BHAP is committed to making every car and each trip enjoyable with top-rate products and technologies, and will march steadily towards the vision of becoming a systematized automotive core parts solution provider with global influence.