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BHAP Held a Special Technical Exhibition and a High-level Dialogue at Asia Pacific Headquarters of Volvo Cars

10月22日 2020

On October 20, Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BHAP) held a special technical exhibition at Asia Pacific headquarters of Volvo Cars, and had a high-level dialogue with Volvo Cars Asia Pacific. This event was attended by Yuan Xiaolin, Volvo Cars Global Senior Vice President and Volvo Cars Asia Pacific President & CEO, Li Hai, Volvo Cars Asia Pacific Purchase Vice President,Cai Suping, Standing Member of BAIC Party Committee, VP of BAIC Group, Secretary of BHAP Party Committee, and Chairman of BHAP, and Chen Bao, BHAP President .

BHAP is an integrated global automotive part group with an annual operating income exceeding RMB 65 billion. In 2020 Global Top 100 Automotive Part Suppliers published by Automotive News, BHAP ranked No. 57 in this list and No. 2 among all Chinese enterprises included. It provides services for more than 40 automobile OEM customers around the world, and has established favorable global cooperation with Volvo Cars Group.




During this special technical exhibition, BHAP made a full demonstration of its key products and technical outcomes in the fields of lightweightness, electrification, intelligence, and networking. The parties also held a high-level strategic cooperation dialogue meeting.

Li Hai reviewed the great cooperation between Volvo and BHAP and its member enterprises, and introduced Volvo’s standards and requirements for supplier management systems, products, and supporting services.

Chen Bao introduced the operation and development conditions of BHAP, expecting BHAP to closely follow customer needs, integrate global resources, accelerate coordinated innovation, fully support the deep localization work of Volvo, and provide customers with top-rate products and services.

Yuan Xiaolin talked about global business of Volvo Cars Group, and raised expectations and requirements for deepening cooperation between the parties and win-win development. He hoped that the parties will keep promoting collaboration in product fields like “four new modernizations” and achieve co-development in at deeper levels in broader markets.

Cai Suping described the business growth and future strategies of BHAP. According to him, aiming to build resource integration and sharing platforms with global influence, BHAP is now speeding up “five major transformations” in terms of product, market, partner, talent & team, and business model, and endeavoring to improve its independent innovation, market exploration, and resource integration capabilities. Committed to being an honest, dependable, capable, trustworthy, and loyal business partner, BHAP will follow customer needs from the early stage of product conceptual development, reinforce supporting services related to automotive parts, and push collaboration between BHAP and Volvo to a new level. 


During the meeting, leaders of BHAP and Volvo Cars Asia Pacific discussed how to actively meet the challenges arising from the pandemic, and to seize development opportunities in the wave of global automotive part industrial reforms. The broad prospect of continued and deeper cooperation was also envisioned. BHAP will keep pace with the development of Volvo Cars Asia Pacific, integrate global resources, enhance support to the industrial chain, optimize production base layout, and provide higher-quality supporting services. With priority given to the prospective fields of “four new modernizations”, the parties will seeker further and faster concerted innovation in key technical breakthroughs and core product applications, thereby jointly creating a new chapter of long-term cooperation and mutually beneficial development.


The signing ceremony was attended by Volvo Asia Pacific leaders including Purchase Directors Zeng Lingling, Yang Lingling and Chai Jinlei, Purchase Senior Managers Yang Wenkai, Xu Hong and Chen Jianzhang, and Purchase Managers Zhang Yiying and Sheng Juan, BHAP leaders including Vice President Xie Wanjun, CTO Chen Weigang, Market Development GM Ma Lei, President Office Vice GM Cao Yanfang, Inalfa China CEO Gao Yuqing, and leaders from other enterprises including Ji Jun, Bohai Automotive Vice GM and Bohai Piston GM, Zhu Xiaohua, Beiqi Mould & Plastic GM, Zhao Jicheng, Gestamp Party Branch Secretary and Deputy General Manager, Zhao Jie, BHAP Fujian Xiangxin Project Manager, Fang Wei, Vice GM and Labor Union Chairman of Binzhou Lightweightness, and Pei Haochuan, Vice GM of BHAP Beijing Branch.