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BAIC Group Party Committee Deputy Secretary & President Zhang Xiyong Made an Inspection Visit to BHAP Booth

10月22日 2020

On September 28, BAIC Group Party Committee Deputy Secretary & President Zhang Xiyong made an inspection visit to BHAP booth at Auto China 2020. He was accompanied by Liu Shijin, director of business management department, Li Sen, director of technical products and quality management department, and Jiang Qingyun, assistant director of GM Office. 


Zhang Xiyong heard a detailed description of products and technologies of BHAP, and learned about BHAP’s current conditions such as product chain construction, two-tier R&D system development, and implementation of prospective technical plans. He highly affirmed the operation, growth, and future strategic layout of BHAP, and raised expectations and requirements for focusing on future trends of automobile industry, speeding up innovation and transformation, and improving core development capabilities. 


Zhang Xiyong pointed out that BHAP should closely follow agenda of key projects of the Group, fully guarantee customer supplies and corresponding services, and promote implementation of “double-driver” strategy. Zhang Xiyong stressed that BHAP should focus on BAIC Group, China, and global markets at the same time, and attach equal importance to independent innovation and cooperation. To achieve this, BHAP needs to work hand in hand with global automobile OEMs and automotive part partners in order to deepen industrial chain collaboration and sharing of information, resources, and channels. Besides, BHAP should adopt a more open stance, and lay stress on innovation and key breakthroughs, thus assuming industrial missions and duties. According to Zhang Xiyong, BHAP should bench against top-performing automotive part enterprises at home and abroad, improve its overseas business operation capabilities and systematic management capabilities, boost scheduled corporate transformation with certain priorities, and plan for development in the fourteenth five-year period logically.