We are accelerating five major transformations of product, market, partner, talent & team, and business model. We are building five business blocks and ten major systems, and assuming our industrial missions.

Creating a Splendid Future for Travellers Together BHAP Will Be Present at Auto China 2020 with Multiple Ground-breaking Products

09月21日 2020

      From September 26 to October 5, Auto China 2020 will be staged at China International Exhibition Center. With a theme of “Future of Intelligence”, this exhibition will present new products and technologies from different automobile OEMs and automotive part manufacturers, serving as a major platform for promoting cooperation.


      As an integrated global automotive part group with an annual operating income exceeding RMB 65 billion, Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BHAP) will be present at No. 04 Booth of W1-W Hall at China International Exhibition Center New Venue with ground-breaking products in the fields of lightweightness, electrification, intelligence, and networking. It will make a full demonstration of its new practices and outcomes of advancing “five major transformations” and optimizing global business layouts, and further deepen the win-win development with global OEMs and automotive part partners in order to create a splendid future for travellers together. 


Outstanding performance achieved against the trend

      In 2020, outbreak of the pandemic exerts tremendous pressure on the automobile industry, causing a downturn and major challenges to the whole automotive industrial chain. BHAP made active, rapid, and comprehensive efforts to deal with the virus. A pandemic prevention and control leadership team was established at a very early stage. The company led its 50 domestic member enterprises and 20 overseas factories to form a global pandemic control system. All member enterprises were well guided in their virus infection control and business operations. Standard pandemic control manuals were distributed so that foreign member enterprises could benefit from Chinese experiences and practices and strictly adhere to all control measures. The group succeeded in centrally managing pandemic control, customer supply, and corporate development. Production schedules were well aligned with customer agendas with a focus on key customers and core business areas. Supply assurance schemes were developed to guarantee supplies of automotive parts to automobile OEMs around the world. In the most critical periods of domestic pandemic control, the group took the initiative to fulfill its social responsibilities. RMB 3.5 million was donated, along with more than 450 thousand face masks it collected through its advantageous global resource network and delivered to the front line of disease prevention. By closely following the dynamics of overseas virus spread, preparing pandemic control materials with great efforts, and sharing material acquisition channels, the group greatly supported pandemic control and prevention among its global customers, partners, and foreign member enterprises. In addition, the group has accelerated “five major transformations” in terms of product, market, partner, talent & team, and business model, and consequently accomplished great feats of high-quality development…


      Despite the general industrial decline and hardship due to the pandemic, BHAP managed to perform well with a succession of encouraging stage achievements. From January to August, with a consolidated operating income going up over 14% YoY and significantly improved operation quality, it became one of the fastest-growing automotive part groups across the globe. In 2020 Global Top 100 Automotive Part Suppliers published by Automotive News, BHAP ranked No. 57 and No. 2 among all Chinese enterprises included, winning further reputation and influence worldwide.

Great accomplishments thanks to prospective business layouts


      During this exhibition, BHAP will present its newest products and technologies in the fields of lightweightness, electrification, intelligence, and networking. Strategically positioned in the direction of “four new modernizations”, BHAP is dedicated to building a core business chain. In addition to dependable support granted to automobile OEMs, it will create more environmental-friendly, efficient, and intelligent travel experiences for users in the new era.

      In the domains of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, by working closely with domestic and foreign partners in coordinated innovation and making key technical breakthroughs, BHAP has achieved fruitful results in critical technical developments and core product applications. During this automobile exhibition, BHAP will unveil a series of new products including central intelligent gateway, intelligent driving sensing fusion system, intelligent light, and intelligent roof, thus displaying its product and technical strengths in intelligent connected vehicles. In the realm of electrification, BHAP fully takes advantage of its diverse product portfolios and integration innovations to provide automobile OEM customers with integration and modularization solutions, integrated lightweight battery box, integrated electric drive system, and integrated HV power supply system. Such solutions are highly competitive in terms of technology and cost.

      Against the general background of energy conservation and emission reduction, automobile lightweightness has become a key means for reducing overall fuel consumption of traditional cars and improving endurance of new energy ones. Following great efforts made in three strategic areas, i.e. plastics in place of steel, lightweight cast aluminum, and thermal forming of high-strength steel, BHAP has won first-mover advantages with regard to industrialization and a long list of outcomes. During this exhibition, by presenting integrated lightweight car models, BHAP will demonstrate a full array of lightweightness solutions. Moreover, by means of 3D interactive exhibition, BHAP will make a more comprehensive and specialized demonstration of its core part technologies and modular products such as interior, exterior, electrics & electrical device, chassis, power, vehicle body, new energy, and intelligent connected vehicle for customers and visitors.

A future of win-win development, sharing, and co-creation

      The future of co-development lies in resource integration, cooperation, and sharing. While reinforcing independent innovation, BHAP always gives top property to cooperation. Through joint efforts with global automobile OEMs and automotive part partners, it is now deepening collaboration throughout the industrial chain as well as sharing of information, resources, and channels. The opening and cooperation at deeper levels will enable BHAP to build platforms for sharing automobile and part resources on a global scale. During the exhibition, BHAP will hold high-level strategic cooperation seminars with customers and automotive part partners from different parts of the world, and discuss how to exploit global resource advantages and work hand in hand with domestic and foreign partners to provide customers and consumers with better products and services.

      Are you expecting the rich variety of products, future-oriented technical outcomes, and unique interaction experiences to be provided by BHAP? Will the open, win-win cooperation concepts and scientific corporate development strategies of BHAP intrigue the industry and gain popularity? Let’s find out at Auto China 2020. Pay a visit and witness splendid moments there together with us!