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BHAP and EA Group Signed a Cooperation Agreement

09月07日 2020

      As an integrated global automotive part group, BHAP closely follows demands of customers from around the world to keep optimizing its key products and make business layouts from a long-term perspective. With a constantly open and inclusive stance, the company is committed to collaboration with industrial chain partners. Such efforts are intended to deepen cooperation, facilitate joint innovation, and realize open upgrading of cooperation in automotive part industry, in-depth resource sharing, and effective business synergies. A new ecosystem based on cooperation is being created as a result.


      Since establishment of strategic dialogue mechanism between BHAP and Exquisite Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as EA Group), the parties have come a long way in resource integration, mutual advantage supplementation, and sharing of information, resources, and channels. The win-win cooperation has been fruitful, as witnessed by new fixed customer projects won by a number of member enterprises of BHAP. 


      On September 7, BHAP and EA Group signed a cooperation agreement. Cai Suping, Standing Member of BAIC Party Committee, VP of BAIC Group, Secretary of BHAP Party Committee, and Chairman of BHAP, attended the event, and raised expectations and requirements for deepening cooperation and pursuing win-win development. Other participants included BHAP President Chen Bao, BHAP Vice President Xie Wanjun, BHAP Vice President Chen Geng, EA Group Chairman Zhang Dehui, and EA Group Vice President Wu Nan.

      Before the signing ceremony, the parties held in-depth discussions on potential cooperation areas in view of their respective business layouts of key products and future-oriented technologies. EA Group Chairman Zhang Dehui introduced the development conditions and strategic deployments of EA Group’s lightweight business including chassis and vehicle body, and talked about the great prospects of deeper industrial chain collaboration and co-development with outstanding member enterprises of BHAP. 


      BHAP President Chen Bao spoke highly of the cooperation between the parties, and expressed his expectation for the win-win development of BHAP and EA Group. Chen Bao hoped that BHAP and EA Group will grasp the opportunities of new energy vehicles, continue to advance cooperation, further exploit their respective advantages, and provide global OEM customers with safe, reliable, innovative, and cost-competitive products.


      Cui Kai introduced the progress of global business of Great Wall Motor, and looked back at the favorable cooperation with member enterprises of BHAP. According to him, BHAP has reached a great consensus with Great Wall Motor and EA Group. A succession of moves are being made and accelerated. He expected continued and more profound cooperation between the parties and win-win development at deeper levels in broader markets.


      Chairman Cai Suping affirmed the deep mutual trust and earnest cooperation between BHAP and EA Group, and raises expectations and requirements for deepening cooperation on a continuing basis and pursuing win-win development. He added that against the general backdrop of transformations across the automobile industry, BHAP aims to build globally influential platforms for integration and sharing of automobile and automotive part resources. By speeding up “five major transformations” and building “ten systems”, BHAP is successfully concluding the last stage of the “thirteenth five-year period” and marching steadily towards the objectives of the “fourteenth five-year period”. He hoped that BHAP and EA Group will consolidate their respective advantageous resources, target at global markets and core customers, engage in further coordinated innovation and industrial layout, and work together to create a brilliant future of co-development.

      During the meeting, BHAP and EA Group signed a cooperation agreement, according to which the parties will seek resource integration and co-development in the fields of wheel assembly, chassis and vehicle body, expand China and global markets vigorously, provide global OEMs with top-rate products and supporting services, and co-create a splendid future for travellers.


      Make every car and each trip enjoyable! BHAP will seek resource integration and win-win development together with global automotive part partners and other players in the industrial chain. BHAP make its best effort in close collaboration and coordinated innovation with automobile manufacturers, assist them with top-grade components and services, and win wide customer support and recognition with the best products and technologies. BHAP will march steadily towards the vision of becoming a systematized automotive core parts solution provider with global influence.